Light and Shadow

In my paintings, the shadows are as important as the light because they serve as a support and foundation. To my eye, dark colours represent beginnings, the past and anchor points. They serve to highlight the lighter elements that represent openness, audacity and elevation and that impart a sense of lightness . I hope that my work will make you want to take this path towards a lighter state of being…

L’énergie retrouvée

Acrylic on canvas • 2020 • 20in x 20in • $400

Chien à l’oreille levée

Acrylic on canvas • 2019 • 33in x 22in • $800

Avancer avec confiance

Acrylic on canvas • 2019 • 16in x 24in • $500

Works – Complete List

I propose a space out of time to collect you and enter a world of shadow and light…
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